Diversity in Study & Teaching

For Goethe University, anchoring diversity-sensitive teaching and corresponding study conditions in its structure is understood as a cross-cutting task. To this end, the university has developed and implemented a number of fundamental concepts. These include the „Central Gender Equality and Diversity Action Plan 2019-2024“ („Aktionsplan Chancengleichheit 2019-2024“ (German)), which updates the “Diversity Concept" drawn up in 2011 and expands it to include Goethe University's equality strategies. In addition, the “Principles of Teaching and Studies" were formulated, and the „Inclusion Action Plan 2020-2023“ („Aktionsplan Inklusion 2020-2023" (German)) was put in place. Furthermore, anti-discrimination work is of great importance for ensuring students' success, as structural and individual discrimination can affect their ability to work and their chances of succeeding in their studies. To foster awareness towards diversity and anti-discrimination, Goethe University offers event formats and consulting services for various target groups angeboten.

Teaching & Diversity

Teaching that is diversity-conscious and critical of discrimination does not see diversity as a challenge, but as the status quo which it is important to address.

Students arrive at universities with very different biographies and social backgrounds and are confronted here, as they have already been at school, with barriers and hurdles that can go hand in hand with disadvantage and exclusion and, in the worst case, end with them dropping out.

Teaching that is diversity-oriented and critical of discrimination contributes to an open and respectful study environment for students that gives them the freedom for personal development, addresses structural disadvantages and presents opportunities to offset them, and also upgrades support structures.

Goethe University offers teaching staff individual consulting services, guidelines and handouts as well as a wide range of events to help them reflect on their teaching in terms of diversity and discrimination and to become more professional in their handling of these issues.

Diversity in Teacher Education

Training that is critical of discrimination and awareness raising among students undertaking teaching degrees are to be understood as a key moment in democracy-building processes because the classroom is just as diverse as society: classrooms and schools occupy a very special place in young adolescents' world of experience, as this is where they are educated for both their personal and professional future.

To make the teaching and learning environment as inclusive and sensitive towards discrimination as possible, not only the integration of heterogeneous knowledge and learning levels is elementary for good teaching but also familiarity with forms of discrimination.

The Equal Opportunities Office offers individual concepts and workshops specifically for teacher education to help prospective teachers in their handling of diversity and anti-discrimination and to create an inclusive classroom where they are encouraged to facilitate equitable social participation by offsetting inequalities and different preconditions.


Diversity Policies Officers

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Anna Carolin Müller
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