Diversity Survey

In 2018/2019, students in different life situations, social positions and study situations at Goethe University were interviewed in group discussions about their experiences and needs. This brochure presents main findings of the study and recommendations for a diversity-sensitive design of study and teaching. Hereby, the study entrance phase, communication and information channels, the accessibility of existing support offerings, and dealing with diversity and discrimination at Goethe University are focused. 


Diversity Policies Officers

Saskia-Fee Bender
Fon: +49 69 798-18 130
Email: saskia.bender@em.uni-frankfurt.de

Dr. Daniela Heitzmann
Fon: +49 151 720 693 65
Email: d.heitzmann@em.uni-frankfurt.de

Dilara Kanbiçak
Fon: +49 69 798-18 127
Email: kanbicak@em.uni-frankfurt.de

Anna Carolin Müller
Fon: +49 160 967 665 45
Email: annac.mueller@em.uni-frankfurt.de

Dr. Thuy Loan Nguyen
Fon: +49 69 798-18 129
Email: ThuyL.Nguyen@em.uni-frankfurt.de

Visiting address
SKW-Building | 5th floor
Rostocker Str. 2
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Postal address
Equal Opportunities Office
Goethe University Frankfurt
Postbox 227
60629 Frankfurt am Main