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Goethe University's goal is to establish equal opportunities throughout all areas of the university and to change university structures in the sense of a gender- and diversity-sensitive organizational culture. Responsible for the implementation of equal opportunities at the central level is the Equal Opportunities Office with its work areas Equal Opportunities, Family & Dual Career, and Diversity & Antidiscrimination. With the Central Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plan 2019-2024 (german) and the Offensive "Goethe University = Opportunities" aimed at raising awareness, all organizational units are called upon to create gender-, family- and diversity-sensitive structures and processes in their work areas.




Founding event: Network for R3 female scientists* and newly appointed professors* at Goethe University Frankfurt on Wednesday, 08.12.2021 from 18.00 to 20.30 (virtual). The network complements the existing arrival and welcome culture at Goethe University with a focus on equal opportunities and diversity. It offers target groups a special range of strategic networking, tailored workshops and collegial advice. Further information in German can be found here.

The Equal Opportunity Office of Goethe University publishes a short and compact guide to complement the german brochure "Gender and Diversity Sensitive Leadership Culture - A Handbook for Managers and University Leadership" (german). The guide uses eight typical, recurring leadership situations to show how gender-inclusive and diversity-sensitive leadership can look in concrete terms. Managers in teaching, research and administration can use it to reflect on their attitude to leadership of employees and at the same time professionalize their gender and diversity competence. The Quick Guide Recommendations for a gender-responsive and diversity-conscious leadership is available here.This is an accessible digital document.

HMWK funds projects on "Dimensions of the Category Gender - Women's and Gender Studies in Hessen".
The Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts (HMWK) is funding 2022 research projects on the focus: "Dimensions of the Category Gender - Women's and Gender Studies in Hessen". Subject to budgetary constraints, funding in the amount of 300,000€ has been earmarked for the research focus. Research proposals (new as well as continuation proposals) can be submitted until November 30, 2021. Further information on the call documents in German can be found here.

TOTAL E-QUALITY: Goethe University receives award again for promoting equality and diversity (german)
The jury of Total Equality Deutschland e. V. has decided this year again that Goethe University Frankfurt will receive the TOTAL E-QUALITY award (german) for equal opportunities and the Add-On Diversity. This is the fourth time that Goethe University has been recognized for its commitment to achieving equal opportunities.

Gender-inclusive language guidelines - quick guide
The Equal Opportunities Office of Goethe University publishes a guideline for gender-inclusive and diversity-sensitive language. It contains basic information and examples of application for the university context. The short version in English "Gender-inclusive language guidelines - quick guide" is available here. A long version of the Gender-inclusive language guidelines can be found in german here.

Recommendation for gender-inclusive and diversity-sensitive language (german).
The Equal Opportunities Office of Goethe University publishes a recommendation for gender-inclusive and diversity-sensitive language. It contains basic information and examples of application for the university context.You can access the language recommendation in German here

It goes without saying that the rules of an appreciative, respectful and anti-discriminatory communication culture apply in the virtual space just as they do in personal communication. Since these rules have unfortunately often not been observed in recent months, teachers can find important tips here on the communication culture in virtual teaching as well as a template for a code of conduct for students.



AI-Archive 03: Mapping Digital Queer* Mobilizations (Workshop)
November 16th 2021, 6 - 8 pm- Organized by Queergehört

Sex Work is Work
November 23rd 2021, 6 - 8 pm - Organized by Queergehört

Body Politics – A Reflection on Bodily Autonomy and Sex Characteristics from an Intersex South African Perspective
November 30th 2021, 6 - 8 pm - Organized by Queergehört

No Romo – On Love Beyond Romance (en)
December 7th 2021, 6 - 8 pm - Organized by Queergehört

For more information on german events offered by the Equal Opportunities Office, click here.

Events offered by the Cornelia Goethe Centrum in german and english can be found here.

The detailed program of the Queer Lecture Series by Queergehört (german and english) can be found here.


Central Players

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Equal Opportunities Office

The Equal Opportunities Office at Goethe University offers advice and services in the areas of Equality, Family & Dual Career, and Diversity & Anti-Discrimination. It supports the university's facultiets and institutions in the development of measures and initiatives to implement equal opportunities. The Equal Opportunities Office is located at the Executive Board and assigned to President Prof. Dr. Enrico Schleiff.

Organizational chart on the structure of Gender Equality work at Goethe University

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Equal Opportunities Officer

The Equal Opportunities Officer acts in an advisory capacity in equal opportunities-oriented structural and development planning and in all personnel decisions. She supports the management, the faculties and institutions in updating and implementing the Equal Opportunities Action Plan and the Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plans (GEDAP) of the departments. The university's equal opportunity officer is Dr. Anja Wolde. She is supported in her function by two deputy equal opportunity officers, Annemarie Eifler and Ulrike Schneider-Gladbach.

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Senate commission

The Senate Commission "Advancement of women, equal treatment and diversity" works under the leadership of the responsible vice president on the creation of central concepts and measures for the various focal points of work. These include the Equal Opportunities Action Plan and the Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plans (GEDAP) of the departments, but also concepts within the framework of the Female Professors Program I-III or the Inclusion Action Plan.

Members of the Senate Commission 2018-2020 (german)

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Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers

In coordination with the Equal Opportunities Officer, the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers work towards the implementation of equality in their areas. They are elected by the women of the respective faculty or central unit for a term of office of two years in each case and perform tasks and exercise participation rights, for example in committee work, appointment and recruitment procedures.

Work of the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers
List of the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers (german)