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Equal Opportunities at Goethe University

Goethe University's goal is to establish equal opportunities throughout all areas of the university and to change university structures to align with the concept of a gender- and diversity-sensitive organisational culture.

Responsible for the implementation of equal opportunities at the central level is the Equal Opportunities Office, with its Equal OpportunitiesFamily Dual Career, and Diversity & Anti-Discrimination Center.

Aimed at raising awarness, the Central Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plan 2019-2024 (German) and the Offensive "Goethe University = Opportunities" call upon all organisational units to create gender-, family- and diversity-sensitive structures and processes in their work areas.


Once a year, Goethe University Frankfurt funds projects in the field of women's and gender studies – known as “Small Gender Projects" – with a grant of 50% up to a maximum of €3,000; the other 50% must be financed by the faculties. The project should especially aim to foster the academic qualification of early career researchers in women's and gender studies. Applications can be submitted until 30 September 2023. Further information

In its mission statement, Goethe University Frankfurt acknowledges the social responsibility of research and teaching, including the necessity to align science with the needs of as many people as possible, and to integrate different perspectives. That is why Goethe University considers the integration of gender/sex & diversity in research and teaching as a university-wide task. Gender/sex & diversity are reflected, and – where applicable – considered in the formulation of the research object and the research question, in the literature search as well as previous studies, in the planning and implementation of data collection or experiments, in the analyses of research data, in the presentation of results, and in the transfer of findings. In its 10-point paper, Goethe University includes concrete measures for the systematic consideration of gender/sex & diversity in ten identified fields of action and sets impulses for the Germany-wide discourse on the subject.

In 2018/2019, students in different life situations, social positions and study situations at Goethe University were interviewed in group discussions about their experiences and needs. This brochure presents main findings of the study and recommendations for a diversity-sensitive design of study and teaching. Hereby, the study entrance phase, communication and information channels, the accessibility of existing support offerings, and dealing with diversity and discrimination at Goethe University are focused. The Qualitative Diversity Study can be found here

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