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Feb 26 2020

Study at Goethe University shows: When choosing a partner, fish pay attention to personality

Bold female seeks bold male 

Feb 17 2020

PROXIDRUGS project led by Goethe University included in concept phase of “Clusters4Future” programme – search for novel active components for therapeutic solutions

Empowering the cell’s disposal system to deal with disease-prone garbage

Feb 12 2020

Patenting and commercialization crown ten years’ development work based on the “Green IT” approach of Professor Volker Lindenstruth of Goethe University and the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research

Successful patenting and commercialization of green supercomputers “Made in Hessen”

Feb 12 2020

High-resolution 3D microscopy shows how plants adapt flexibly to their surroundings

How roots find their way to water

Feb 7 2020

TruMotion: Goethe University signs agreement with universities in Lodz, Lyon, Milan and Thessaloniki / Application as "European University" envisaged  

A FIVE-Star Network of five for research and teaching

Jan 27 2020

New development makes tiny structural changes in biomolecules visible 

Superfast insights into cellular events

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