Dual Career


Dual Career Service Frankfurt (DCSF)

Dual Career Service Frankfurt supports partners of new employees pursuing their own career perspectives in Rhine-Main area. Our counselling centers around each individual situation with its related challenges and opportunities.

To use the services of the Dual Career Service Frankfurt it is not crucial, whether both partners in a double career couple are academics or whether they are married or not. The service is aimed equally at heterosexual and homosexual couples. 

The Dual Career Service Frankfurt is a joint service of Goethe University, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS) and the Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education (DIPF). It is located at the Equal Opportunities Office of the Goethe University.


Individual Counselling

• Professional orientation and career planning
• Developing an individual search strategy
• Introduction to the local job market
• Help with job-related networking
• Support during application processes
• Information on opportunities for further training

Counselling offer and initial contact depend on the institution of employment.

Goethe University

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education


Orientation in Frankfurt

In addition to the actual consultation, you will find useful information and links to help you get started in Frankfurt. This way, you can promote your successful arrival in Frankfurt on your own initiative and obtain further information.

Applying for a Job in Germany

Job Searching Portals


Additional Links

Not only does the Dual Career Service try to give you the best possible start to your new life in Frankfurt, but you will also receive a lot of support in other areas within the institutes. We have put together some of these offers to which you can also turn, depending on your personal needs.



The quality of counselling is ensured through constant training, expanding networks with other universities, regional associations and institutions as well as contacts with potential employers.

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