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Alzheimer Research

Fibrils at atomic resolution

A European research team and a team from the United States (Massachussetts Institute of Technology in cooperation with Lund University) have simultaneously succeeded in elucidating the structure of the most disease-relevant beta-amyloid peptide 1–42 fibrils at atomic resolution.

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News about urban rabbits

Animals in the city distance themselves more from their neighbours.

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Life Science

How yeast cells regulate their fat balance

Researchers of Goethe University in Frankfurt, together with colleagues at the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics, have discovered how yeast cells measure the availability of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in foodstuffs and adapt their production of membrane lipids to it.

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Cell Biology

News about the light-dependent magnetic compass of birds

Birds have a light-dependent compass in their eyes. A research group at Goethe University Frankfurt, together with French colleagues, has elucidated how this compass works at the molecular level.

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Clouds and climate in the pre-industrial age

Aerosol particles generated by human activity counteract the warming of the earth's atmosphere by greenhouse gases. However, this effect might be smaller than first thought. This was the finding of a simulation carried out as part of the international CLOUD experiment, in which researchers from the Goethe University played a major role.

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When will a neutron star collapse to a black hole?

Astrophysicists from Goethe University Frankfurt have found a simple formula for the maximum mass of a rotating neutron star and hence answered a question that had been open for decades. A young women did the analysis during her bachelor thesis.

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Helmholtz Award

This year the most important award in the field of metrology, the science of making precise measurements, was awarded to a team of five Frankfurt atomic physicists at Goethe University: Prof. Reinhard Dörner, Associate Prof. Dr. Till Jahnke, Dr. Maksim Kunitzki, Dr. Jörg Voigtsberger and Stefan Zeller.

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