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Improving understanding of how the solar system is formed

The cosmochemist Professor Alexander Krot (University of Hawaii) is coming to Goethe University as recipient of the Humboldt Research Award.

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Medicine II

Improving the understanding of death receptor functions in cells

Cancer researcher Dr. Sjoerd van Wijk receives € 222,500 from the German Research Foundation.

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Biochemistry II

Is foraging behaviour regulated the same way in humans and worms?

The behaviour of the nematode provides important clues for the evolution of food-motivated behaviour in higher animals.

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Political science

Politics in times of floating voters

Professor Thomas Zittel awarded ORA grant for research of parliamentary representation in fluid voter markets.

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Goethe University intensifies research on rare diseases

More than one million euro from EU collaborative project will flow to Frankfurt.

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Understanding quality control in the cellular immune system

The biochemist Robert Tampé receives € 1.5 million for a Koselleck project with the German Research Foundation

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Developing brain networks act locally to build globally

An international team of scientists including researchers from Goethe University and the FIAS have discovered surprising network activity in the immature brain

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