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New LOEWE focus on prehistory and early history at the Goethe University

The Goethe University (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt) once again has reason to celebrate a success in the Hessian LOEWE excellence initiative. It was revealed that the application for research focusing on "Prehistoric Conflict" under the direction of Rüdiger Krause, Professor of Prehistory and Early History in Frankfurt was successfully defended before the external jury.

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Brain imaging Center

How does the brain recognize faces from minimal information?

Our brain recognizes objects within milliseconds, even if it only receives rudimentary visual information. Researchers believe that reliable and fast recognition works because the brain is constantly making predictions about objects in the field of view and is comparing these with  incoming information. Now scientists at the Goethe University have confirmed this hypothesis.

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Summer School

20 July - 14 August / Welcome to Frankfurt Summer School

During the four weeks participants will discover the city of Frankfurt, take part in a diverse cultural programme, attend German language courses, and seminars provided by researchers and lecturers from Goethe University as well as from partner universities cooperating with Goethe University within the programme of Strategic Partnerships. We offer seminars in three different tracks: Legal Studies, Psychology, and Natural and Life Sciences.

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