Gender, Diversity & Leadership

Leadership plays an essential role in fostering the participation of all social groups, enhancing their cooperation and removing structural barriers to underrepresentation. Goethe University is committed to a gender-equitable and diversity-sensitive organisational structure in terms of working conditions, performance assessment and career opportunities.
The university has already anchored a gender-equitable and diversity-sensitive leadership culture in a number of its guidelines and structures, for example in its Mission Statement, the Central Gender Equality and Diversity Action Plan 2019-2024 as well as its Anti-Discrimination Directive.


Diversity Policies Officers

Saskia-Fee Bender
Fon: +49 69 798-18 130

Dr. Daniela Heitzmann
Fon: +49 151 720 693 65

Dilara Kanbiçak
Fon: +49 69 798-18 127

Anna Carolin Müller
Fon: +49 160 967 665 45

Dr. Thuy Loan Nguyen
Fon: +49 69 798-18 129

Visiting address
SKW-Building | 5th floor
Rostocker Str. 2
60323 Frankfurt am Main

Postal address
Equal Opportunities Office
Goethe University Frankfurt
Postbox 227
60629 Frankfurt am Main