Successful Teaching and Learning – Diversity and Internationalization in Higher Education (ELLVIS)

ELLVIS Project description 

In the QuiS program line of the state of Hessen, Goethe University has acquired funding with its project application "Successful Teaching and Learning - Diversity and Internationalization in Higher Education " (ELLVIS). The ELLVIS project aims to increase teaching quality, address heterogeneity, diversity and inclusion, and promote the internationalization of higher education and teaching. Through ELLVIS, already established formats are further developed and supplemented by new sub-projects. With this project, Goethe University is strengthening its commitment to diversity and accessibility as cross-cutting issues in teaching.

Subprojects of the Equal Opportunities Office

„Counteracting Discrimination: Structurally and Sustainably“ (P1)

The ELLVIS sub-project "Counteracting Discrimination: Structurally and Sustainably" (P1), which is coordinated by the Equal Opportunities Office at Goethe University, aims to counteract structural discrimination and disadvantages, especially in studying and teaching, and to establish sustainable structures and measures against discrimination. In doing so, the focus will be on the areas of gender diversity, anti-racist university and first generation academics. In close cooperation with various departments and institutions of the university, instruments and concepts will be developed and implemented for this purpose. 
These include the following measures, among others:
  • Establishing options for students and employees to change their names
  • Development of identity management (further modification of forms, cover letters, etc.)
  • Installation of all-gender restrooms
  • Workshops, trainings or self-learning tools for different target groups – especially lecturers and advisors – on the three areas and overarching awareness-raising offers
  • Unconcious bias trainings for professors and  executive staff
  • Consulting and support for teachers and institutions during the implementation of needs-oriented measures for students
  • Development of networking offers for people affected by discrimination to support them in building up their own networks
  • Empowerment offers for students and employees

„Faculties: Competent for Diversity!“ (VP1)

The ELLVIS sub-project aims for long-term cooperation with several faculties to make teaching and higher education more diversity-sensitive and to strengthen gender and diversity competencies within the faculty. The individual measures and instruments are closely oriented at the specific requirements of the faculties. They can include measures for providing competencies such as training and counseling, as well as individual counseling for teachers and managers, empowerment offers for students or academics, manuals/guidance for different target groups, the development of a code of conduct, information especially for first-semester students, and much more. 
The offer includes, among others, the following basic instruments:
  • Kick-off workshop and meetings to identify specific needs and interests of the faculties
  • If required, request for topics and formats for qualifications
  • In-house trainings and external training offers for executive staff, teachers, advisors, students, etc. as well as follow-ups to the events
  • Consulting and support in the implementation of further offers and sustainable measures (collegial consulting, individual consulting)
  • Public outreach and development of information materials

The collaboration usually runs for two to three semesters and is designed to actively support departments in making teaching and studying more diversity-friendly and in strengthening gender and diversity competencies among all members of the faculty. The individual measures are identified in a kick-off workshop or can also come from the respective GEDAP.

The benefits of your faculty's participation include:

  • financial & human resource support structures to integrate diversity aspects into your daily work or teaching activities and development of exclusive materials and methods for the faculty.
  • the opportunity to further develop competencies in dealing with equality and diversity at the faculty, so that the potential and competencies of academic and administrative employees and students can develop optimally.
  • ,access to various gender & diversity-sensitive workshops and training courses, some of which have been developed exclusively for the faculty, e.g. on recruitment and appointment procedures, knowledge transfer/onboarding in administration, didactics, raising awareness of individual topics such as racism, unconscious bias, gender diversity, etc.
  • support in public relations and the creation of information materials in the field of equality and diversity.
  • exchange and networking with other members of the faculty and experts in the field of equality and diversity.
  • contribute to the creation of a diverse and non-discriminatory learning and working environment for all students and employees of the faculty.
  • increase productivity and creativity in heterogeneous (research) teams and institutions while minimizing conflicts through training and consultation.

We offered the following workshops for the cooperating departments (02, 05, 08 & 11) as part of the ELLVIS project "Departments: Competent for Diversity!" during the winter semester 2023/24:

  • 12/06/2023, 2:00-5:00 p.m.: Advanced module on gender-responsive and diversity-sensitive communication - compact workshop for lecturers (Description) (in German)
  • 12/14/2023, 9:00-12:00 a.m.: Basic module diversity competence and anti-discrimination at the university - compact workshop for administrative-technical staff (Description) (in German)
  • 01/24/2024, 2:00-5:00 p.m.:  Advanced module on diversity-conscious and discrimination-critical university teaching - compact workshop for lecturers (Description) (in German)
  • 01/25/2024, 1:30-5:30 p.m.: Basics on gender- and diversity-aware design of appointment procedures - compact workshop for (potential) commission members of all status groups (Description) (in German)
  • 02/01/2024, 09:00-12:00 a.m.: Gender-inclusive and diversity-sensitive language - practical module for the administration (Description) (in German)
  • 02/13/2024, 09:00-13:30 a.m.: Diversity and Leadership in Academia (Description
Having already established a successful cooperation with several faculties, we continuously call further faculties for participation in the ELLVIS project "Faculties: Competent for Diversity!".

We would be pleased if we can attract your interest for a cooperation. To participate in our project or to receive further information, please contact us by e-mail at You are also welcome to let us know which semesters would be particularly suitable for your faculty to cooperate.

Project information and Contact

Duration: October 2022 – December 2025

Funding volume: about 16 million euro (total volume grant of the HMWK for Goethe University)

Third party funding: Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and the Arts

Funding line: "High quality in studies and teaching, good conditions for studies" (QuiS)

Project website: following soon

Contact persons Equal Opportunities Office:

  • Dr. Anja Wolde
  • Dr. des. Anna Carolin Müller
  • Dilara Kanbiçak
  • Dr. Thuy Loan Nguyen

Cooperation partner: Within the university-wide project, the Equal Opportunities Office, the Interdisciplinary College for Higher Education Didactics (IKH), studiumdigitale, and the Inclusion Officer cooperate as Di³+ network. Other actors involved in the project are the coordinators of the centers of expertise (Center for Methodology, Center for Teacher Education, Center for the Humanities, and Center for the Natural Sciences) as well as employees in the faculties and in the central service Studies, Teaching, International Affairs (SLI).