Diversity Policies at Goethe University

Goethe University's objective is to establish a diversity-oriented organisational structure and culture that offers all its members and affiliates equal opportunities, irrespective of their origin and life situation, and counteracts discrimination. To this end, Goethe University has continuously developed its diversity policies since 2011. The term “diversity policies" underscores that Goethe University understands the recognition of diversity as a cross-cutting task which affects all areas of university development and governance: teaching, studies, research and administration. The diversity work at Goethe University focuses on diversity-sensitive shaping of structures and processes, promoting diverse talents in studies and science, implementing comprehensive anti-discrimination work, empowerment offers and measures to raise awareness.

Definitions of Diversity and Diversity Policies at Goethe University Frankfurt here.


Instruments and Guidelines

Goethe University has set itself the objective of creating equal opportunities and counteracting discrimination. This is also expressed in the university's Mission Statement and all guidelines related to governance (e.g. University Development Plan, agreements on objectives with the Federal State of Hesse, strategy and development agreements with the faculties). It has also introduced various instruments to achieve this objective. Further information.

Central Gender Equality and Diversity Action Plan 2019-2024 (German)

Inclusion Action Plan 2020-2023 (German)

Goethe University Mission Statement

Anti-Discrimination Directive (German)

Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plans (GEDAPs)



One of the priorities of our diversity policies is to professionalise all university members in terms of their handling of diversity and ensure that such handling is sensitive and critical of discrimination. The target groups are researchers, teaching staff, student tutors/mentors, academic advisors, administrative staff, and supervisors in academia and administration.

Awareness raising through reflection

Consulting services for teaching and other staff

Consulting services for faculties and central institutions

Anti-Discrimination Office

Events organised by the Equal Opportunities Office (German)

Publications issued by the Equal Opportunities Office (German)

Work priorities at Goethe University


Diversity as a cross-cutting structure

Equality, diversity policies and anti-discrimination are cross-cutting tasks at Goethe University that should be reflected and implemented as part of all the university's guidelines, concepts and processes.

Studies & Diversity 

Teaching & Diversity

Teacher Education & Diversity

Gender-equitable and Diversity-sensitive Leadership

Diversity in Academia & Research


Topics and Information

The following topics are currently the subject of special attention or on the agenda in Goethe University's diversity policies: dealing with gender diversity, inclusion, first generation and racism. Here, we are pursuing a cross-cutting approach to anti-discrimination.

Gender diversity


Arbeiterkind.de (support for children from non-academic families (German))

Anti-Discrimination Office




Arbeiterkind.de (German)

Charta der Vielfalt


Equal opportunities office

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