Advising Topics

We can advise you on the following topics:

  • Information about programs (requirements, content, structure, concentrations, possilbe combinations, post-graduation options, etc.) 
  • Assistance in choosing a course of study 
  • Having doubts about your studies? We offer support in finding alternatives
  • Information on how to apply (with German university entrance qualification) 
  • Information on changing subjects or location 
  • Studying with a child or caring responsibilities -> see also Family Service
  • Compatibility of studying and a part-time job 
  • Studying with a disability or chronic illness
  • Exam coaching

Subject advising

  • Syllabus
  • Course of studies
  • Modules
  • Academic writing
  • And much more

International concerns

  • Study abroad
  • Applying from abroad
  • Language skills
  • And much more

Further support services

An overview of all advising topics and the corresponding services.

Need help getting started?

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Accessible learning

Information for prospective and current students with disabilities can be found on our "Inclusive University" pages. 

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