Online Seminars and In-Class Lectures

Ready...set...go! Events for the winter semester application period

Are you in the process of getting ready for the winter semester? Our digital event series gives you the opportunity to get free, in-depth information about studying and choosing a major.

Campus to Go: tour the campus and find out about studying here

How would you like to explore the campus in a small group, get a taste of the university atmosphere, and learn more about your major? That's what Campus to Go is all about.

Being the first in your family to attend a university

Are you a high school senior thinking about going to university? You may have questions that your family cannot help you with.

Join students and speakers from Goethe University and as they answer all your questions in this workshop.

Virtual discovery days

If students can't come to the university to get a taste of university life, the university has to come to them in the form of short presentations followed by assignments. Although this cannot really replace the experience and impressions of a live visit to a university, it can give a good first impression.

"Click it!" online course

This online course takes you on a short info tour of the most important stages. Learn more about the degree programs and their frameworks and structures. (takes about 20 minutes to complete)

"Your Choice": fine-tune your studies

If you want to get to know the basics of making a good decision about your major - which includes your values, abilities and interests - we invite you to take our online course "Your Choice - Dein Studienwahl-Tuning." 

The course is in three parts. It takes about 60-90 minutes to complete.

Online Study Selection Assistant (OSA)

Which degree program is right for me?                                     
With our online study selection assistant, you can learn more about programs, test your skills, and hear firsthand from professors and students.

What can I do with my degree?

What opportunities are available to you with your major?

Learn about many different perspectives and read interesting interviews with Goethe University alumni.

Need help getting started?

Our chatbot "GUDI" answers all your questions about starting your studies!


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