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Career Support - Training for female scientists*.


In addition to professional qualifications, additional skills are becoming increasingly important for a successful career in science. The program Career Support - Training for Women Scientists offered by the Equal Opportunities Office supports them on their career path and is tailored to the specific needs of Postdocs (R2 and R3). These trainings are measures to counteract the structural disadvantages of women in the scientific field. The training module includes events on the following competence areas:

  •   Developing leadership skills
  •   Designing promotion processes
  •   Expanding career strategies

Further information on the workshops and all current events can be found here.

Developing leadership competencies

The current changes in higher education lead to extended qualification requirements for female scientists on their way to a professorship. In this context, special importance must be attached to the preparation for leadership tasks: even before the appointment, it is often necessary, in addition to the classical requirements in research and teaching, to manage projects, to build up working groups and to lead employees or to act professionally in conflict-prone situations.

Shaping promotion processes

The change of status in science is associated with a variety of transitional situations and thus risks of exclusion. It is particularly important for female scientists to reflect on the possibilities of successful advancement against the background of their own life situation, to acquire the necessary skills, to move strategically in the relevant networks and to position themselves with high visibility.

Expanding career strategies

Embarking on a career in science is not a foregone conclusion. In addition to the ability to innovate scientifically and specialist expertise, remaining in science and academia for the long term, working in research and teaching, requires the systematic development of career strategies, dealing with different options, prioritizing them and strategically planning the next career steps. Assertiveness and resilience are an advantage here. 

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