Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plans (GEDAPS)

To develop GEDAPs, the Equal Opportunities Office provides planning and reporting tools to the faculty. These include:

  • Differentiated gender statistics (multi-year comparisons, achievement of goals, comparative values)
  • Report template and guide - for analyzing the starting position (in qualification levels, in appointments, concerning the integration of gender & diversity in research and teaching of the faculty) - for identifying priority goals and target groups for the upcoming planning period
  • Toolbox with sample measures at the departmental level
  • "Form" for documentation and (self-)evaluation of measures implemented in the past reporting period
  • "Form" for recording newly planned measures for the coming period (objectives, target groups, costs, responsibility for implementation)

The process includes:

  • the internal discussion and analysis in the faculty
  • Consultations with employees of the Equal Opportunities Office
  • feedback on the GEDAP, if necessary with further recommendations for action. Criteria are the target group orientation and accuracy of fit of the measures as well as the quality criteria of the DFG's research-oriented equality standards.