Things to know about the work of the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers

In coordination with the Equal Opportunities Officer and her deputies, the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers work towards the implementation of equality in their areas. They are elected for a two-year term of office and, on behalf of the Equal Opportunities Officer, perform tasks and exercise participation rights, for example in committee work and in appointment and recruitment procedures. This includes

  • To exercise the participation rights of the Equal Opportunities Officers in hiring and appointments (with the exception of the right to object).
  • Participation (with advisory vote and right of motion) in the committees of the faculty. Exception: Examination committees.
  • Advisory participation in the preparation of GEDAP (Gender & Diversity Action Plans) in the faculties and central institutions.
  • Providing (initial) advice on the implementation of gender equality and the compatibility of work/study and family life.
  • Supporting the faculty in planning and implementing offers and measures that promote equality.
  • First point of contact and referral counseling in cases of gender discrimination and sexualized assaults.

Different models of equal opportunity representation at the faculties and the central institutions

At Goethe University, Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers have been anchored for decades, and different models have emerged. The legal basis is the "Statutes on Women's Representation at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University"(Satzung zu den Frauenvertretungen an der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität) adopted in 1996. It stipulates in § 6 (1) that the women's representation "should, as far as possible, include different status groups".

Model 1: The Equal Opportunities Officer. This form of equal opportunity representation consists of a maximum of three women: the Equal Opportunities Officer and her up to two deputies. The Equal Opportunities Officers represents the interests of women of all status groups (professors, academic staff, students and non-academic staff). Six faculties and two central units have chosen this model.

Model 2: Equal Opportunities Council. In the Equal Opportunities Council, each status group is represented by a woman who also belongs to that status group. The Equal Opportunities Council consists of the four Representatives of the status groups and their up to two Deputies, thus a maximum of eight or 12 women, depending on the basic model.
In addition, there are also Equal Opportunities Councils at Goethe University, which are made up of Equal Opportunities Officers from the individual institutes of a department, or Equal Opportunities Officers who are responsible for individual status groups and are therefore not Equal Opportunities Officers in the true sense. There are currently Equal Opportunities Councils in ten faculties.

Materials for Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers

Professionalization of the work of the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers

Regular further training offers support the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers in the performance of their duties. The "New in Office" ("Neu im Amt") workshop is usually offered annually and is aimed at newly elected Equal Opportunities Officers. In addition, demand-oriented events are offered on a wide variety of topics related to Equal Opportunity work.

Regular meetings of the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers

Meetings of the Faculty Equal Opportunities Officers take place at least twice per semester, to which the Equal Opportunities Officer or her deputy invites. They support the collegial exchange between the faculties and strengthen the flow of information between central and faculty equal opportunity work.

27.01.2021  15:00 bis 17:00

29.03.2021 11:00 bis 13:00

30.06.2021  14:00 bis 16:00

04.11.2021 14:00 bis 16:00