Standard period of study and the coronavirus pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the standard period of study is extended by one semester

To ensure that students in Hessen are not disadvantaged by the current corona restrictions, the Hessian state government has decided to extend the standard period of study by one semester for all students enrolled at Hessian universities in the summer semester 2020.

As a result, students of the Goethe University can also apply for support through the Germany Scholarship if they exceed the previous standard period of study within the coming support period. If funding is approved, the funding can be extended by one semester after the standard period of study has been exceeded, provided that this semester is still within the 2020/2021 funding period.

How long is my standard period of study?

Standard period of study sorted by degree

Please check your exact standard period of study in the specific case of an application. The following table only serves as an overview.

Targeted Degree

Regular period of study in semester

Bachelor 6 or 8  
Master 4  
Lehramt L1 and L2 7  
Lehramt L3 and L5 9  
Diplom 9 or 10  
Magister 9  
Staatsexamen (Medicine) 13  
Staatsexamen (Dentistry) 11  

Staatsexamen (all other courses)



First theological exam/ magister Theologiae*

*In the case of a prolongation of the regular period of study for acquisition of language, please contact us!