Preliminary selection

Association with faculty

At which faculty can I apply?

Further information

The study periods

There is a differentiation in

  • Basic study programmes (Bachelor, Staatsexamen, Magister and Diplom)
  • Master's Degree Programmes

Selection criteria

Which grades are included in my application?

What other criteria are taken into account ?

Further information

The jury selection

Assessment of the overall potential

Each department forms a jury of at least two jurors (university lecturers and research assistants). The jury evaluates the anonymous applications submitted to it in accordance with § 2 paragraph 2 StipV according to the following criteria:

personal and social competence, such as

  • willingness to perform and motivation (documented, for example, by awards, prizes, internships)
  • communication and articulation skills
  • extracurricular activities
  • special achievements in the form of overcoming biographical hurdles

Each jury agrees on the points to be awarded per application and thus decides which application will receive a scholarship.