Problems and Solutions when applying online

Why can’t I access the online application?

Possibly the application mask has not yet been activated. Start of the application is August 3rd 2020 at 00:00 o'clock. The procedure ends on  August 21st 2020 at 23:59 hrs.

Do I necessarily need a HRZ-account of the Goethe University? How do I get hold of my account details?

Yes, it is not possible to apply online without a HRZ-account of the Goethe University. You will receive your login details as well as your Goethe-card when enrolling at Goethe University successfully.

Exceptional case: If you do not receive your HRZ account by the application phase, you can register for a local account in the online application mask using your private email address. Once you have confirmed the verification link, you can complete and submit your application online.

You must prove by providing the application number and a written confirmation that you either

  • have received confirmation of a place to study for the winter semester, or
  • have applied for a place at university for the winter semester

As soon as you have enrolled at the Goethe University and received your HRZ access, please send us your matriculation number and your HRZ account by email to

In the application form it says that they could not find a course of study for which I am eligible to apply for?

The system found that you are not studying within the standard period of study. Possible reasons for that might be that your grades have not been recorded in the system by the examination office.

Please contact your examination office for further information.

Why can’t I select my course of studies in the online application?

Should your course of studies not be selectable in the application form, you might have not enrolled at Goethe University successfully yet or haven’t reported back yet.