Standard period of study and the coronavirus pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the standard period of study is extended by one semester

To ensure that students in Hessen are not disadvantaged by the current corona restrictions, the Hessian state government has decided to extend the standard period of study by one semester for all students enrolled at Hessian universities in the summer semester 2020.

As a result, students of the Goethe University can also apply for support through the Germany Scholarship if they exceed the previous standard period of study within the coming support period. If funding is approved, the funding can be extended by one semester after the standard period of study has been exceeded, provided that this semester is still within the 2020/2021 funding period.

Eligible Applicants

Who is entitled to apply?

The Deutschlandstipendium promotes students of all nationalities who are enrolled at German colleges or universities and whose previous careers point to further outstanding performance. Besides excellent success at school and / or university, the criteria for promotion include social commitment, e. g. in associations or in university policy, in religious or political organizations as well as assignment in social context, within the family or social institutions. Moreover, the overcoming of biographical obstacles that rise from family or cultural origin, are considered.

During the sponsoring you have to be enrolled at Goethe-University, within the prescribed period of study* and have received the Deutschlandstipendium at the Goethe University for less than 2 years. The same is valid for foreign students and students with a foreign university entrance qualification respectively.

Second degree- and Masters-courses can be supported as well.

There is no sponsoring for:

  • Studies in Studienkolleg
  • PhD-programs

*According to §7 StipG it is possible to apply for a prolongation of the promotion period, provided that the period of study is extended because of serious reasons (e. g. disability, pregnancy, care-taking and education of a child, study-related stay abroad).