Application Process

When can I apply for the Deutschlandstipendium?

The next application phase will be from 10. - 28. July 2023 at 16:00h

How long does the application process take?

The process takes around two months. Letters of acceptance will be sent out in the middle of October. Shortly before the beginning of the winter semester, the selection of scholarship holders is sent out.

Which grades are considered in my application?

The grade relevant for the application for the Deutschlandstipendium depends on the assignment to the study phases.

In the 1st semester

  • We consider the grade of the university entrance qualification.
  • Applicants in their second degree program apply with the grade of their first degree program.

From the 2nd semester onwards

  • From the second semester onwards, the performance and progress are taken into account.
  • Academic achievement is measured according to the CP-weighted average grade, which takes into account all the achievements recorded in the system in relation to the associated credit points.
  • Progression is measured by the number of credit points achieved in relation to the semester.
  • The reference semester is always the previous winter semester.

Master Phase

  • The grade of your bachelor's degree will be considered
  • In case you have not received your grade of your bachelor's degree yet, the grade with which you have applied to your degree program will be considered
  • Applicants in their second degree programm apply with the grade of their first degree program

Are outstanding achievements within school and/or university for the selection process scholars crucial?

Yes, but not exclusively. Scholarships will be awarded to talented and high-achieving students. Further achievements such as social commitment and the overcoming of biographical obstacles will also be considered.

What proof of BAföG must I submit?

The BAföG proof should come from the application semester or your last semester of study. If you are applying for the first semester and are likely to receive BAföG, upload a PDF file consisting of your BAföG application and the result of the online BAföG calculator.

Are there any grade limits?

Grade limits are set individually for each department, i.e. the grade limits depend on how many students apply in the respective department. An average grade is determined among the applicants of a faculty.

Who decides on who receives a scholarship? Is there a selection panel?

There are two selection phases. In the first selection round, the candidate is evaluated on the basis of his or her performance, commitment and personal circumstances to determine who will be admitted to the second round. Performance is the main criterion.

In the second selection round, the applications are passed on in anonymous form to a jury consisting of two university lecturers or research assistants from the respective department. In this second procedure the overall potential of the application is evaluated. This includes motivation & willingness to perform, quality of commitment, overcoming personal hurdles, special achievements.

When will the letter of acceptance be sent out?

You will probably be informed in the course of October whether you will receive the German scholarship and must then declare your acceptance

Please note that we will be sending the letters of acceptance as well as refusal to your students e-mail address ( Please check your account on regular basis or set up the forwarding of e-mails. Do not forget to check your spam folder!