General Information

Advantages of the Deutschlandstipendium:

  • Financial support of 300 Euros monthly and thus more time for your studies and other achievements and commitments
  • Mentoring and networking opportunities (Students, donors, mentors and advisors)
  • Various programs, lectures and workshops concerning diverse issues in an interdisciplinary context
  • Door opener for other scholarships

What else is in store?

A financial support of 300 Euros monthly and the opportunity to participate in various programs, workshops and lectures of the networking program.

What does Leistungsstipendium (scholarship for academic excellence) mean?

Scholarships will be awarded based on excellent performances and outstanding success. Performance and success does, however, not only refer to school or academic achievements. In addition to that social commitment in associations or in university policy, in religious or political organizations as well as assignment in social context, within the family or social institutions. Moreover, the overcoming of biographical obstacles that rise from family or cultural origin, are also considered.