Financial Support for your Studies!

Scholarship Award and Payment Arragenments

The amount of the scholarship is 300 euros per month. One half (150 Euros) of the 300 Euros is donated by private sponsors (businesses, foundations, alumni, other private persons) and the other half comes from the German government. The aim of the scholarship is to enable motivated and talented students to finish their education without having to worry about their financial situation and be able concentrate fully on their studies and social commitment.

Payment of the scholarship will be made quarterly, generally in the middle of the respective quarter.

Scholarship Program Legislation (StipG)

Combining the Deutschlandstipendium with other scholarships or funding models

We are happy to see you using your Deutschlandstipendium as door opener for other long-term scholarship programs. However, in most cases a combination of the Deutschlandstipendium and other performance-related scholarships is not possible.

Receiving other scholarships such as mobility grants from the DAAD or Erasmus parallel to the Deutschlandstipendium is, however, possible. A detailed overview of funding that can be combined with the Deutschlandstipendium can be found here.

If you are currently a Deutschlandstipendium holder and have been accepted for another scholarship program, please let us know so that we can check whether you are still eligible to receive the Deutschlandstipendium.

Leave of Absence and Suspension of the Scholarship

Prerequisite for receiving the Deutschlandstipendium support is being an active student. In certain circumstances, however, scholarship funding can be continued to be paid or it can be postponed. As soon as you continue your studies, the duration of the scholarship can be extended by the time of leave of absence.

Please inform us about your leave of absence or any other changes of your status as soon as possible.

Leave of Absence

If you need to take a leave of absence while receiving the Deutschlandstipendium funding due to certain circumstances such as an internship, the funding period will be extended by the period of absence.

Depending on the reason for your leave of absence, there are two possibilities:

1. Leave of absence due to a national degree-mandatory internship or semester abroad

Scholarship funding continues when doing a mandatory internship or spending a degree-relevant semester abroad. Here it is important to send us a respective proof.

2. Leave of absence due to other reasons

In any other cases, scholarship funding will not be paid during your leave of absence. The funding period will be postponed until you resume your studies.

Termination of Studies

According to section §8 StipG, your scholarship ends with the end of the month

  • of your last exam
  • you quit your studies
  • change your discipline
  • of your de-registration

If you decide to study at a different university other than the Goethe University (but continue to study the same subject), you will be granted a transition semester.

From Bachelor to Master

According to § 8 S. 1 Nr. 1 StipG, payment of the scholarship grant ends at the end of the month you complete your bachelor's degree. For scholarship holders who will start their master program in the summer semester, a seamless payment of grants is difficult since application for the Deutschlandstipendium always takes place in the winter semester.

Thus, according to StipG, it is possible that scholarship holders who begin their master program in the summer semester will be granted payment of the scholarshop grand for one more semester (first semester of their master studies).