Scholarship Holders

How long will I receive funding?

Financial funding is normally granted for a full academic year (two semesters) from October 1st to September 30th. However, recipients may apply for a scholarship extension of one more year.

Please note that the Deutschlandstipendium cannot be extended automatically; you have to apply again after one year.

As a Deutschlandstipendium recipient do I have any obligations or commitments? For example participating in the mentoring program?

No, scholarship recipients are not obliged to participate in any program offered by the Deutschlandstipendium at the Goethe University.

Will the Deutschlandstipendium affect my BAföG?

BAföG and the Deutschlandstipendium are two programs complementing one another. Recipients of the Deutschlandstipendium are allowed to utilize both grants without any deductions; the scholarship does not affect the BAföG amount.

Does the Deutschlandstipendium affect other forms of social assistance (other than BAföG)?

The Deutschlandstipendium usually does not affect any forms of social assistance. The only exception may be your Wohngeld (housing assistance). Here you must be aware that 50% of the scholarship grant has to be included in the calculation of your yearly income. Please contact your responsible agency if you have additional questions regarding the scholarship and housing benefits.

Can I combine two forms of funding scholarships?

Usually, combining the Deutschlandstipendium with other achievement and performance-related funding is not possible. Please see this link (German only) for a detailed overview on scholarships and their combination possibilities.

What happens if I if I take leave of absence for a semester?

Scholarship payments will only be continued during this time as long as you complete a study-related mandatory internship or do a study-related stay abroad. Should your leave of absence have different reasons and is not study-related (such as parental leave or illness, etc), you will not receive scholarship funding for this time. As soon as you resume your studies, the period of funding will be extended by the period of absence.

Please let us know the reason for your absence of leave as soon as possible.

What happens if I quit my studies or de-register?

Payment of the Deutschlandstipendium grant will end at the end of the month you leave university / of your de-registration.

What happens when I graduate?

Payment of the Deutschlandstipendium will end at the end of the month you complete your studies / you had your last exam.

What happens if I change universities?

Payment of the Deutschlandstipendium grant will end with the last semester in which you are enrolled at the Goethe University. If you only change university but not your course of studies, payment of the Deutschlandstipendium of the Goethe University can be continued for another semester.

What happens if I change my course of study?

In the event of a student changing his or her course of subject, payment of the Deutschlandstipendium will end with the month in which the field of study was changed.

When and how will I receive my scholarship funding?

Financial funding is 300 Euros a month. Quarterly instalments payments of € 900 will be made in the middle of the quarter to the account specified by the scholarship recipient. In order to avoid delays, please inform us when changing your bank details.

Who do I inform about my new bank details?

Please send us an email to:

Who do I inform about new contact details?

If you want your contact information to be changed, please send us an email:

For changing your contact details overall (university-internal), please see this site: