Gender Diversity at Goethe University

The Goethe University is intended to be a place where people can develop their personalities freely in their studies, research and work, and where their gender identity is acknowledged.

To reduce or prevent discrimination, some measures already have taken place. The Equal Opportunities Office is in dialogue with various departments, faculties, and students to make the needs of TIN*persons visible and to organize the university in a more anti-discriminatory way.

We welcome your support in this effort! We are thankful for any further suggestions.

Internal Name Change for Trans*, Inter* and Non-Binary Students (TIN*students)

In order to reduce discrimination, the Goethe University offers TIN* students a low-threshold option to have their first name and gender entry changed for internal use at the university.

All-Gender Restrooms

The Goethe University has set up all-gender restrooms in many central buildings so that everyone can find a restroom they can use as unquestioned and safely as possible.

Here you will find important information.