Diversity in Academia & Research

Academia & Diversity

Academia is a group that is diverse in itself. Here, too, we find structural and individual disadvantages and discrimination, and by reflecting on this diversity we can shape academic career paths in a way that is more productive and equitable for all. While the disadvantage and underrepresentation of women in academia has been examined and evidenced in many studies over the past 30 years and regularly monitored, in-depth analyses of other dimensions of diversity have not been conducted in Germany until recently. Goethe University is therefore only now for the first time in the process of developing a diversity concept explicitly for academia.

Research & Diversity

Diversity is an important criterion for excellent and socially relevant research. As an aspect of equality in research teams or as a reflection of research content, diversity is also playing an increasingly important role in research funding. Gender and Diversity Consulting is on hand to help you take diversity into account in your applications for third-party funding as well as in collaborative research projects.

Especially the members of the Cornelia Goethe Centre (CGC) conduct research and teach at the interface between gender and other dimensions of diversity.