In your letter of admission ("Zulassungsbescheid"), which you will receive via mail, you will find all important information on semester fees and the documents you have to hand in for enrolment. You can enrol, in person or in writing, during the timeframe indicated on your admissions notice. If you miss the deadline indicated there your admissions notice becomes invalid!

Once you received your letter of admission, you can already start to plan your first semester. For further information on starting your studies, look here.

What do I have to bring or send when I enrol?

Please bring or send in all the documents listed in your letter of admission. Once you have submitted these documents you will receive your enrolment notices and the Goethe-Card.

If you have any further questions, check in with "Studium Lehre Internationales".

Additionally, if you enrol for American Studies, English Studies or a teaching degree in English, please bring:
  1. Proof of Proficiency in English or proof that you have successfully passed the entrance test of the Institute for English and American Studies
Additionally, if you enrol for Sports Sciences (Bachelor) or a teaching degree in sports (L1 L2 L3 L5), please bring:
  1. The German “Sportabzeichen" or, alternatively, the aptitude test for a sports science course from another German university (may not be older than 1 year)
  2. A notice from a sports physician testifying that you are able to actively engage in sports. This notice may not be older than 6 months counting back from the date you enrol and must be provided in a specific form, which you can download from the website of the Institute for Sports Sciences.
Please also take note of further special rules for courses in sports, visual arts and music.

Do I have to show proof of health insurance cover when I enrol?

For the enrolment you will need to show that you have health insurance. You can do this by providing a confirmation by a German state health insurance (if you are insured in Germany) or a confirmation from your health insurance in your home country. EU citizens show either a European Insurance Card or a European Insurance Confirmation E 111 (confirmation that you are entitled to be treated during your stay in another EU member state).

How much will I be expected to pay once the semester starts?

The semester fee is of approx. 370 € which includes the semester ticket for public transport in the whole of fesearl state of Hesse. There are currently no tuition fees at public German universities.

Please note that you will have to re-register ("Rückmeldung") every semester including payment of the semester fee. Further information on fees and deadlines can be found here.

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