Get to Know Frankfurt

Frankfurt - surprisingly different!

With a population of 745,000, Frankfurt am Main is a metropolis in miniature. The center of the Rhine-Main region, with more than 2 million inhabitants, is dynamic and has its finger on the pulse. Its impressive skyline belies the fact that many of its neighborhoods were once villages and have grown together over time. Many of these neighborhoods have retained their own character and traditions.

This can be seen in the many cozy shopping streets that line the Zeil, Germany's busiest shopping street. In the evening, people meet in one of the many traditional "Äbbelwoik" pubs for a glass of wine and a convivial end to the day. Frankfurt is an exceptionally green city. You don't have to go to the Taunus mountains to enjoy nature. In addition to Germany's largest urban forest, Frankfurt has more than 120 green spaces and parks.

Due to its geographical location, Frankfurt has always been a city of mobility. North-South and East-West routes meet here by road, rail and air. The city's international character is reflected in its many trade fairs, the more than 200 international financial institutions that have their headquarters in Frankfurt, and, of course, the 180 nations that live here in peace.

Our students also benefit from the excellent public transportation infrastructure: The AStA has negotiated an unrivaled semester ticket that entitles you to travel from Weinheim to Marburg and from Wiesbaden / Mainz to Kassel.

44,000 companies, 464,000 jobs subject to social insurance contributions and about 300,000 daily commuters are the key figures of a flourishing economy. Thanks to the dynamism and productivity of the location, Frankfurt am Main always has an unemployment rate below the national average, even in economically difficult times. The labor market also offers students many interesting job and internship opportunities.

In addition to the region's global mindset, local traditions come to the fore in a distinctive club life. Sports - the choice is almost endless - can be practiced in one of some 450 sports clubs. With numerous indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an ice rink, golf courses and boathouses, the city of Frankfurt also offers the necessary infrastructure for active recreation. The zoo and the palm garden complete the picture.

Frankfurt has nothing to hide when it comes to culture. The opera house - winner of several "Opera House of the Year" awards - the Schaupielhaus and 20 other theaters offer an abundant cultural program. Another attraction is the Museumsufer. With the Schirn Kunsthalle, the Städel and the Museum of Modern Art, Frankfurt has earned a reputation as a city of art.

To sum up, Frankfurt am Main is a livable and lovable city that exudes international flair, is a business center, and offers excellent career opportunities.