Study Organization

While your schedule may have been set when you were in school, you have much more freedom and choice as a university student. On the following pages, you will find an overview of course formats, as well as tips for attending classes, preparing for exams, and developing a unique profile during your studies.

Courses, modules, and credit points

What's a proseminar and what are credit points all about?

Course attendance and exam preparation

Read here about how to effectively manage your class attendance and prepare for exams.

Profile development and career planning

Learn how to plan for your future right from the start.

Accessible learning

Students with disabilities often face additional barriers. The Inclusive University portal provides information on how you can get help studying independently and on an equal footing with others.

Doubts about studying?

Anyone can experience a slump in their motivation while studying. This is normal and most students manage to pull themselves out of it. However, if you find that you can't for an extended period of time, there are special support and counseling options available.

Semester abroad and leave of absence

Want to study abroad or take a leave of absence? Click here for more information.

Additional qualifications and key competencies

You can also find a wide range of opportunities for your personal development outside of the lecture hall.

International students

The Global Office offers plenty of tips for a successful academic career.