Getting Ready

Before you even attend your first class, you can lay the proper foundation for your academic success. Take advantage of preparatory and bridge courses to fill in any gaps in your background. Participate in orientation events to get important information and tips about your course of study, and get to know your faculty contacts and new classmates. Here, you will find information about your first class schedule, exam registration, and online instruction. 

Preparatory and bridge courses

Some faculties offer preparatory or bridge courses to fill in any gaps in the course material before the start of the program.

Orientation events

Orientation events provide important information and advice to help you get off to a good start.


"Unistart" is the university's main welcoming event for all first-year students. This is where the various offices and departments introduce themselves 

Your first class schedule

Here you will find information about the study regulations, the course catalog and how to put together a class schedule.

Exam registration

Normally, you have to register for the bachelor exam at the beginning of your studies. This is where you'll find information and contact details.

Virtual instruction

In some cases, courses are taught online. We have compiled some tips for successful study at home.