Additional Qualifications and Key Competencies

University is a lot different from high school. To begin with, there are fewer requirements – you have the freedom to make your own schedule and manage your time. But you also have to adapt to different ways of learning and working, all while juggling a heavy workload. To ensure your success and maintain your enthusiasm for your subject, you'll need to develop basic skills known as key competencies.

Moreover, the acquisition of additional qualifications, such as language skills, can help you to develop a well-rounded profile during your studies. On this page, we present a variety of opportunities and provide contact information for further guidance.

Career Service offerings

A university degree does not usually prepare you for a specific career path. To give you the opportunity to acquire additional qualifications relevant to your future profession, the Career Service offers a variety of practice-oriented workshops.

Writing Center offerings

The Writing Center promotes the development of academic and professional writing and reading skills. Its primary objectives are twofold: first, to assist students in honing their abilities to write and think critically in an academic context, and second, to equip educators with materials and teaching methodologies they can incorporate into their own courses.

Language courses

The language center (Sprachenzentrum) supports and supervises students who want to learn foreign languages alongside their studies or who want to broaden and improve their foreign language skills. The possibilities range from semester-long language courses to an online language school and a multimedia self-study center to the arrangement of tandem partners for private language exchanges.

Opportunities for international students

Kompass International offers international students various opportunities to acquire soft skills and additional qualifications.

Center for Natural Sciences

The Center for Natural Sciences aims to help all first-year students in the natural sciences, as well as in mathematics, computer science and medicine, make a good start to their studies. The focus is on teaching basic knowledge, laying the foundation for future academic success.

Center for Humanities

The Frankfurt academic key skills training offers students the opportunity to acquire skills in basic study techniques and to reflect on and productively develop their own study practice in a group setting. In addition, a collection of self-study materials is provided.

Methods Center for Social Sciences

The Methods Center for Social Sciences is dedicated to improving and strengthening basic education in the methods of empirical social research, both curricularly and extracurricularly. The courses offered are particularly aimed at students from the Faculties 2–5 who are engaged in the methods of empirical social research.