Instruments and Guidelines

Goethe University is convinced that a study and work environment that is diversity-sensitive and critical of discrimination improves equality and has a positive impact on the quality of research and teaching. Against this background, Goethe University joined the Charta der Vielfalt in 2011 and has developed a number of diversity policies. The strategic planning of such policies at Goethe University is the responsibility of the Equal Opportunities Office in close cooperation with university management; responsibility for Equal Opportunities, Family Service, Dual Career Service and Diversity Policies & Anti-discrimination lies with the President. The term “diversity policies" underlines that Goethe University understands that acknowledging diversity is a cross-cutting task which affects all areas of university development and governance: teaching, studies, research and administration.

As one of the first universities in Germany, Goethe University has adopted a systematic diversity concept and anchored it, among others, in its teaching and study principles and its Mission Statement (German). To implement faculty-specific measures, Goethe University's faculties develop Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plans (GEDAPs) at regular intervals. The updated Diversity Concept can be found in the Central Gender Equality and Diversity Action Plan 2019-2024.

Central Gender Equality and Diversity Action Plan 2019-2024 ("Aktionsplan Chancengleichheit 2019-2024" (German))

Inclusion Action Plan 2020-2023 ("Aktionsplan Inklusion 2020-2023" (German))

Goethe University Mission Statement

Anti-Discrimination Directive ("Antidiskriminierungsrichtlinie" (German))

Gender Equality & Diversity Action Plans (GEDAPs)


Diversity Policies Officers

Saskia-Fee Bender
Fon: +49 69 798-18 130

Dr. Daniela Heitzmann
Fon: +49 151 720 693 65

Dilara Kanbiçak
Fon: +49 69 798-18 127

Anna Carolin Müller
Fon: +49 160 967 665 45

Dr. Thuy Loan Nguyen
Fon: +49 69 798-18 129

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Equal Opportunities Office
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