The application and selection process

Important note on current availability and application period 2020

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Current availability

Due to the current health situation related to Covid-19, our office is closed until further notice.
Yet we are happy to assist you via email. You may contact us via

Application period 2020

We are currently preparing the next application period for summer 2020. Unfortunately, we cannot give any further information on the exact dates yet. We will announce all news regarding the next application period on our website.

Information regarding the application and selection process 2020

Please note that all following information about the application and selection process were only valid until 2019. We are currently working on a revision of the criteria, evaluation and the official guidelines. We will inform you in time about any changes for the year 2020 on our website.

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You are applying!

Dear students,

Goethe University invests in the future by promoting you as young talented people financially, in order to keep your mind free to focus on studying.

However, we offer more than just cheering the account activity: Our non-material support program is characterized by a variety of components, including counseling services for your career as well as work in interdisciplinary groups of scholars, who are supported by honorary mentors from various sectors.

We support you - and we expect a lot from you.

It’s worth it: The previous years have shown that commitment is fun and that dealing with challenges together leads to change. This is what strengthens and fosters you as a young talent for your personal and professional future.

Make your talent your business!

Take your chance and apply for the Deutschlandstipendium!



Applications may be submitted by students who:

  • are enrolled at Goethe-University or have successfully applied to Goethe University for the upcoming winter semester
  • are studying within the prescribed period of study
  • have been receiving the Deutschlandstipendium of Goethe-University for less than 2 years

The application is equally possible for German and foreign students. There is no age restriction.

Who are we looking for?

You should show outstanding performances. With your grades you compete always with students within the same faculty, usually even within the same degree program.

You should bring a high level of commitment and motivation for your studies and beyond.

How & when?

How & when?

How can I apply?

The application is possible each winter semester. You can be promoted for one year from 1 October to 30 September of the following year. After the first year you may apply for a prolongation of the scholarship.

The application is carried out exclusively online.

The application period for the year 2020/21 is going to take place in summer 2020.

Selection process

Selection process

Your chances to become a scholar

The highly performing and most committed students from all disciplines will be selected in a 2-stage selection process. Further achievements such as the overcoming of biographical obstacles will also be taken to account.

The scholarships are distributed to the faculties on the following ratio: 50% of the faculty size and 50% of the number of applicants of each faculty. Thus, the chances of receiving a scholarship are about the same in all faculties.

1st Stage

The selection is based on grades.

Further information on the pre-selection process according to grades

2nd Stage

In each faculty a jury decides on additional criteria:

  • commitment that goes beyond school or university
  • personal and social capability
  • outstanding effort in overcoming biographical obstacles

Further information about the decisional process



In the funding year 2018/19 lasting from 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019, 633 scholarships have been awarded.

The scholarships are distributed to the faculties in relation to the number of students of each faculty and the number of applications. The actual distribution to the faculties is as follows:


Number of scholarships         Faculty Number of scholarships


53   09 Linguistics, Cultures, and Arts 41

Economics and Business Administration

100   10 Modern Languages 56

Social Sciences

56   11 Geosciences and Geography 19

Educational Sciences

40   12 Computer Science and Mathematics 52

Psychology and Sports Sciences

30   13 Physics 19

Protestant Theology

5   14 Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Pharmacy 39

Roman Catholic Theology

1   15 Biological Sciences 22

Philosophy and History

28   16 Medical Science


In case of a donation for at least one scholarship, sponsors can make a request concerning the degree program of the students which should be promoted. This so-called “Zweckbindung” is restricted to a maximum of 2/3 of the distributed scholarships.

General information

Data protection

The application for Deutschlandstipendium is optional.

Based on your authentication via the HRZ-Account, basic contact information and data on the study department (faculty), your final degree goal, your semester and relevant grades will be taken from the student database of the Goethe-University. This disclosure is required for the participation process.

All other details are optional.

Your application will be passed to three to four jurors of the departments (faculties), i.e. your university teachers, exclusively anonymously. However, we cannot completely exclude that university teachers might be able to assign individual applications due to the given answers there to specific students.

We expressly point out that there is no legal entitlement to receive a Deutschlandstipendium.

Intentionally made false statements lead to the exclusion from the award of a scholarship. Furthermore, according to §10 Abs. 2 StipG, students are obliged to immediately notify any changes in the circumstances that are relevant to the granting of the scholarship.

The awarding of scholarships is subject to the financing of the places by private sponsors.