Temporary Residence Permit (Fiktionsbescheinigung)

It takes up to 12 weeks for your electronic residence permit to be issued, and you will receive this in card format. If your current residence permit is due to run out during this period of time, then you will need to obtain a temporary residence permit. This is only a temporary document to replace your expired permit until your new electronic residence permit arrives.

There are three different types of temporary residence permit. These are known as 'Duldungsfiktion', 'Erlaubnisfiktion' und 'Fortbestandsfiktion'.

If you have applied well enough in advance to extend your residence permit and are now waiting for your card, you will usually receive a 'Fortbestandsfiktion' (§81.4), as your old residence permit will continue to apply until you receive the new card.

In principle, it is possible to travel with this type of temporary residence permit, and you are permitted to re-enter Germany at any time. Nevertheless, as long as you only possess a temporary residence permit, it is advisable to check with the diplomatic mission (embassy/consulate) of the country you will be visiting, to ensure you will be able to enter and leave the country without any problems.

Should you receive a 'Duldungsfiktion' or an 'Erlaubnisfiktion' (§81.3) for any particular reason, you are not permitted to travel with this permit. These types of temporary residence permit only allow you to prolong your stay in Germany.

The costs of issuing a temporary residence permit are €20 for adults and €10 for minors.

Please note that the information provided by the Goethe Welcome Centre is not legally binding and is not intended to replace or substitute information on each individual topic provided by professionals in that field.
We recommend that you also consult the diplomatic mission or your local
Aliens Department for more detailed information on your individual case.


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