Checklists of Most Important Formalities

We have prepared some checklists to help you with the preparation for your stay and the stay itself. Please find more detailled checklists to download on the right side.

Pre-Departure Preparations at Home

  1. Invitation from the host institute; plan the date that you will start work in Frankfurt with your scientific host
  2. Register with the Goethe Welcome Centre
  3. Apply for a visa for yourself and any accompanying family members
  4. Start looking for accommodation
  5. Decide on a health insurance policy
  6. Take care of formalities for accompanying family members
  7. If you are bringing children: look into day-care options or schools as early as possible
  8. Important documents

Upon Arrival in Frankfurt

  1. Register at the Citizens' Office ("Bürgeramt") in Frankfurt within a week after your arrival
  2. Take out health insurance (if you haven't done so already)
  3. For stays of longer duration: apply for a residence permit at the Immigration Office in Frankfurt
  4. Open a bank account if needed, e.g. if you have an employment contract with Goethe University or if you receive a scholarship
  5. Scientists who will be employed by Goethe University: sign your employment contract in the Human Resources Department
  6. Scientists who will be employed by Goethe University: apply for the wage tax deduction confirmation and you corresponding taxation level at the local taxation department
  7. Scientists with short-term positions (less than 5 years): decide on occupational pension scheme (VBL) - within 2 months of starting work

To be considered upon departure

  1. Do not close your bank account until the deposit of your accomodation has been paid back to you. This can last approximately up until 6 months.
  2. Give notice of departure at the Citizens' Office
  3. Cancel any other subscriptions you might have (telephone, newspapers, BahnCard, ...). Do not forget to inform yourself early enough about the delays of these procedures. They can sometimes last a few weeks/months.
  4. If you have paid pension contributions: inform yourself about pension rights you may have acquired 

Upcoming Events

Program Winter Term 2023/2024

08.03.2024: Concert by the hr-Symphony Orchester - Frankfurt Radio Symphony

23.03.2024: Guided Tour through Palmengarten

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