Employment Contract

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If you are granted an employment contract as a member of the academic staff or as a professor at Goethe University, your department will apply to the university's Human Resources Office to formally appoint you. You will receive the contractual papers and documents plus various other forms. The Goethe Welcome Centre and the staff of the Human Resources Office will be pleased to assist you in filling out the forms. If you have any questions on contractual matters, please feel free to contact the responsible official for your school at the Human Resources Department or the  Goethe Welcome Centre. 

For your appointment at Goethe University, you will also need the following documents:

  • A copy and, where applicable, a certified translation of your university degrees (Master's degree /doctorate)
  • A copy of your ID document
  • Proof of previous work experience
  • Where applicable, a copy of your residence permit
  • If you are married: a copy and, where applicable, a certified translation of your marriage certificate
  • If you have any children: a copy and, where applicable, a certified translation of their birth certificates

You need to obtain the following documents and papers once you arrive in Frankfurt:

  • Income tax number (will be sent to you via post mail ca. three weeks after registration with the Residents' Registration Office /Bürgeramt
  • Health insurance and social security number
  • We recommend that you open a bank account/cheque account (Gehaltskonto) in Frankfurt.

If you require a residence permit and do not have an employment contract with Goethe University, the university may conclude a hosting agreement with you (upon request).

Researchers from Non-EU countries should be aware that an employment at GU requires a residence permit and an employment permission from the Foreigners' Office.


Foto: Petra Bork/pixelio.de