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Goethe University offers a wide range of events and excursions for its visiting scholars: The Goethe Welcome Centre organizes activities for visiting scholars and their families on a regular basis. Below are some examples of what you can find in our programme:

  • visits to tourist attractions in Frankfurt
  • day trips to the area around Frankfurt (in English)
  • international breakfasts and/or picnics
  • seminars on intercultural skills for Germany

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Next activities

GWC's Beer-Tasting

German brewing tradition appears to be a historic heritage, that had a global impact as a cornerstone for the development of the craft as such. And while many innovative impulses come from elsewhere nowadays, beer is still a major part of German culture and identity.

But how is beer actually made, what does Reinheitsgebot mean and is a purity law still appropriate after 500 years after its declaration? Let’s take a cheerful dive into Germany’s fluid culture together with a senior beer sommelier from Fermentos Beertastings.

We’ll take a look at three different classic German beers, that you may purchase in an ordinary supermarket, highlighting the topic from different perspectives (sensual, socio-economic, historic,…).

The event will take place on 26th January, 7 p.m. via Zoom

To take part in this exclusive event and receive the names of the  three beers we will degust please register with an e-mail to the following address until 21.01.2021:

More information can be found here.