Bank Account


For your stay at Goethe University, it may be prudent to open a bank account in Frankfurt. A German bank account is generally required for salary payments and scholarships. Thus, we recommend that you open a current account/cheque account (Girokonto). You will also receive an EC card with which you can withdraw money from cash dispensers/ATMs (Geldautomaten) and make cashless payments in many shops.

German and local Banks
To open a bank account, you need a registration certificate from the Bürgeramt and an identity document. There are several banks in Frankfurt where you can open an account, but the services that they offer, and their bank charges may differ.
The following provides links to some banks without making any claim to completeness:

Online Banks

Online banks offer free accounts and often do not require a city registration in Germany:

The Goethe Welcome Centre will be happy to assist you to open a bank account.