IZO Events

Nov 23 2022

​IZO & Ceditraa guest lecture on 6 December 2022, 18.15, IG 1.314

Prof. Ann Heylen on Digitization of Scholarly Publishing in East Asian Popular Culture Research

On 6 December 2022, Ann Heylen, Professor at the Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), and Executive Director of the International Taiwan Studies Center (ITSC), at the College of Liberal Arts, NTNU, will give a talk in Frankfurt upon joint invitation by the Ceditraa project and the Interdisciplinary Centre for East Asian Studies (IZO).

The talk offers a case study in which the bibliographic references of the articles published in East Asian Journal of Popular Culture (EAJPC) are subjected to an electronic text analysis. It forms part of generating a relational database. The methodology will illustrate traditional corpus linguistic (CL) tools and tendencies in the development of scholarly publishing and patterns in the digitization of culture research. The concept of the 'journal as corpus' is taken as the organizing principle in the selection and editing of networked materials and multimedia to inquire about the role of language acquisition and cultural knowledge transmission. The purpose is to apply this method to a larger corpus of bibliographic references of East Asian popular culture.

Prof. Heylen's talk is organised by Mirjam Tröster, whose Ceditraa research focuses on K-cinema in Taiwan.