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Nov 8 2022

4th Korean Popular Culture Workshop on 16 November 2022

The 4th edition of the Korean Popular Culture Workshop will take place on the 16th of November 2022 between 4 and 6 pm CET. The event will be held online on Zoom with prior registration being required (registration link below). The workshop aims to shed light on the new developments in Korean cinema, dramas and music in the digital globalized world. This year the focus of the workshop will be the Korean film industry in the context of globalization and the changes in K-drama content and production generated by the emergence of streaming platforms like Netflix. The guest speakers are Jimmyn Parc, Associate Professor at the University of Malaya, Malaysia and Hyejung Ju, Associate Professor of Mass Communication at Claflin University in South Carolina, USA.

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16:00-16:10 CET


16:10 -17:05 CET

The Untold Story of the Korean Film Industry: A Global Business Perspective

Dr. Jimmyn Parc

University of Malaya, Malaysia

17:05-18:00 CET

Korean TV Dramas Meet Netflix: New Tribe of K-Dramas on Streaming Platform

Dr. Hyejung Ju

Claflin University, Orangeburg SC

Online via Zoom

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