IZO Events

Dec 4 2021

Workshop: “Korean Im/migrants in the South” 

This workshop explores the multiple trajectories and complexities of Korean migrants in the Southern Hemisphere and the Global South, in order to understand how and to what extent these particular circumstances have shaped their lives and experiences. Their migration histories and contexts have differed noticeably from those in post-industrial countries in North America and Western Europe. The following empirical studies on Korean migration in Vietnam, Malaysia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil are presented at the workshop: 
  • “Koreans serving Koreans in Hanoi:  Sojourning Expatriate Workers and the Ethnic Economy in a Globalizing City" (Kong Chong Ho, Hae Young Yun and Jeehun Kim),
  • “Migration Trajectories of Korean Im/migrants in South Africa", (Yonson Ahn)
  • “Kimchi in a Rojak Nation: Koreans in Malaysia" (Gaik Cheng Khoo)
  •  “Leaving the Church but Not the Community: Experiences of Second-Generation Korean Argentines Alienated from Ethnic Churches in Buenos Aires", (Jihye Kim),
  • “The changing Korean ethnic economy and ethnic solidarity in Bom Retiro, São Paulo", (Dennis Choi).