Complaints Office and Complaints Procedure

The General Act on Equal Treatment (Allgemeine Gleichbehandlungsgesetz (AGG) (German)) provides for a right of complaint and the establishment of a Complaints Office for employees in cases of discrimination (Section 13 AGG). In addition, all Goethe University members and affiliates, including students, who experience discrimination in the university context have the right to file a formal complaint.

The university is responsible for ensuring that no personal, professional or study-related disadvantages arise as a result of the complaint for persons affected and those supporting them.

Equal Treatment Complaints Office
Björn Rau
PA Building I Room 2.P 17 I Westend Campus
Fon: 069/798 17161

If you are considering initiating a formal complaints procedure, we recommend you to seek confidential advice beforehand from one of the counsellors at the Equal Opportunities Office. We can discuss your options together and advise you on the complaints procedure. We are also happy to accompany and support you during the process.

Important note:

The complaints procedure is a formal university procedure; in contrast to counselling, which is confidential, in this procedure the complainant is not entitled to a confidential and anonymous handling of their complaint.
Insofar as university management is obliged to take action (in particular if criminal offences and/or conduct relevant under disciplinary law are/is involved), the procedure can also be continued even if the person concerned changes their mind.

Lodging a complaint:

  • The complaint can be lodged in writing or verbally for written record to the Complaints Office.
  • The complaint should describe in detail what happened and list possible witnesses and evidence. If possible, it should also state which other persons have already been informed about the respective incident(s) and whether action has already been taken.
  • Counsellors can help with formulating and submitting the complaint.


  • Upon receipt of the complaint, the complainant is informed about the further procedure. In addition, the Complaints Office will clarify whether any immediate action, such as protective measures, is necessary.
  • The Complaints Office may ask for written statements. At the latest within one month after receipt of the complaint, the Complaints Office holds a personal interview with the person against whom the complaint is directed.
  • The Complaints Office examines the facts, informs the President of the result of its findings via the Chancellor, if applicable, and proposes the further course of action.
  • The Complaints Office documents all hearings and established facts and informs both parties of the outcome of the discussions.
    The President or the Chancellor decides on further measures and possible consequences in accordance with Section 10 of the Anti-discrimination Directive.
  • Conducting a complaints procedure does not rule out prosecution under labour, public service and/or criminal law. In such cases, the Complaints Office may pause the complaints procedure.

The complaints procedure is set down in Section 9 of the Anti-Discrimination Directive ("Antidiskriminierungsrichtlinie" (German)).


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