IZO Events

Jan 29 2022

Workshop: “Korean Migration in Europe: Challenges and Impacts”  

Korean migration to Europe is a relatively recent phenomenon and research pertaining to Korean im/migrants in Europe has been under-represented in the body of Korean diaspora literature and migration studies to date. This workshop serves to bridge that gap and sets out to make a significant contribution to the field of Korean migration and diaspora through an interdisciplinary focus on migrants’ lived experiences, ethnic culinary culture and review of the impact of migration on the host society. The following empirical studies on Korean migration in Britain, Germany and Sweden are presented at the workshop:
  • “Overseas Korean adoption and the birth of Swedish color-blindness”  (Tobias Hübinette)
  • “Migrant maternal practices of Korean healthcare workers in Germany”  (Yonson Ahn)
  • “Invisible boundaries: the experiences and relationships of North Korean migrants with South Korean migrants in the UK”  (Jihye Kim)
  • “Embracing the Funk: the rise of ethnic food – kimchi - in London”  (Helen Kim)