Dr. phil. nat. Vera Holland

List of publications

  • Bantis F, Früchtenicht E, Graap J, Ströll S, Reininger N, Schäfer L,
    Pollastrini M, Holland V, Bussotti F, Radoglou K & Brüggemann W (2020). The JIP-test as a tool for forestry in times of climate change. Photosynthetica, 58 (SI)
  • Koller S, Holland V & Brüggemann W (2020). Special issue in honour of Prof. Reto J. Strasser: Seasonal monitoring of PSII functionality and relative chlorophyll content on a field site in two consecutive years: A case study of different oak species. Photosynthetica, 58 (SI), 194-205.
  • Holland V, Fragner L, Jungcurt T, Weckwerth W & Brüggemann W (2016). Girdling interruption between source and sink in Quercus pubescens does not trigger leaf senescence. Photosynthetica, 54(4), 589-597.
  • Pollastrini M, Holland V, Brüggemann W, Bruelheide H, Dănilă I, Jaroszewicz B, Valladares F & Bussotti F (2016). Taxonomic and ecological relevance of the chlorophyll a fluorescence signature of tree species in mixed European forests. New Phytologist, 212(1), 51-65.
  • Pollastrini M, Holland V, Brüggemann W, & Bussotti F (2016). Chlorophyll a fluorescence analysis in forests. Annali di Botanica, 6, 23-37.
  • Bussotti F, Pollastrini M, Holland V and Brüggemann W (2015). Functional traits and adaptive capacity of European forests to climate change. Environmental and Experimental Botany 111:91-113.
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  • Holland V and Brüggemann W (2013). Insight into the photosynthetic apparatus in evergreen and deciduous European oaks during autumnal senescence by using OJIP fluorescence transient analysis. Plant biology, 16(4), 801-808.
  • Koller S, Holland V, Brüggemann W (2013). Fast chlorophyll a fluorescence kinetic signatures as an easy analysis method of differential drought stress effects in evergreen and deciduous European oaks, Photosynthetica, 51(4), 574-582.
  • Pollastrini M, Holland V, Brüggemann W, Koricheva J, Jussila I, Scherer-Lorenzen M, Berger S, Bussotti F (2013). Interactions and competition processes among tree species in young experimental mixed forests, assessed with chlorophyll fluorescence and leaf morphology. Plant Biology, 16(2), 323-331.
  • Baeten L, Verheyen K, Wirth C et al. (2013). A novel comparative research platform designed to determine the functional significance of tree species diversity in European forests. PPEES,15(5), 281-291.
  • Holland V and Brüggemann W (2011) Photosynthetic properties of Quercus x hispanica Lam. and Quercus suber L. under harsh Central European winter conditions. Photosynthetica, 49(3): 459-465.

PhD-Thesis: Physiological studies on natural and induced senescence of different European Quercus Taxa in regard to Climate Change

Diploma Thesis: Untersuchungen zur Photosynthese von Eichenhybriden (Quercus x hispanica) und ihrern Elternarten im Winterhalbjahr


  • Assoziiertes Mitglied von FunDiv Europe
  • Cotutelle Student der Universität Florenzof the University of Florence
  • Erhalt des P&G Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2010 für die nachhaltigste Diplomarbeit 2009  


Dr. phil. nat. Vera Holland

Ökophysiologie der Pflanzen

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