The Faculty's Service Facilities


Scientific Garden

The Scientific Garden is being developed on the Riedberg Campus and provides plants for teaching and research. In collaboration with the work groups, scientific projects are planned, implemented and supervised.


Susanne Pietsch
Biocampus Siesmayerstraße 70, Gebäude E,  Telefon 069/798-24790 oder -24848,

Holger Schranz
Campus Riedberg, Gewächshaus Biozentrum, Telefon 069/798-29615,

Electron Microscopy


Niklas Döring
Scanning Electron Microscopy
Campus Riedberg
Tel: 069/798-42069
    Marion Basoglu
Transmissions Electron Microscopy
Campus Riedberg
Tel: 069/798-42071

Workshops and Service

The Faculty’s workshops are on the Riedberg Campus in the Workshop Building, Altenhöferallee 1a.
Precision Engineer Workshop, Physiological Apparatus Workshop Central room _0.701
Carpentry room 00.707

Dietrich Kopp Tel. 069/798-40430
Christos Lemonidis Tel. -40404
Alfredo Martins-Teixeira Tel. -40405

Additionally, the Faculty has an electronics workshop in the Biocentre N162/R 0.25.


Sven Plath  Tel. 42006
There is also an animal care facility   Harald Golle Tel. -42218
Regine Kuhn
Tel. -42202
and a taxidermist in the Biologicum.   Horst Treu, Tel. -42246
The Transport Service has   Edgar Huth, Tel. -42218
There is also a metalworking shop in room 00.601 (FB13).   Jürgen Kölichhaus Tel. -47106
And a glass blowing workshop in room _ _802 (FB14) in the Workshop Centre on the Riedberg Campus.  

Corinna Banditt -40403
Michael Röder -40403

Graphics Laboratory

G r a p h i c s  Lab      |     Faculty of Biological Sciences

Scientific illustrations
Print media design
Webpage design
Corporate design concepts
Exhibition conception

Klaus Grommet
FB Biowissenschaften
on mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays

Biopool & IT Services

The computer pool Biopool of the Department of Biosciences offers various services:

- Computer rooms for students and events

- Poster print DIN A1 to DIN A0

- Help for eLearning offers of the faculty

In addition, there are also other IT services for the specialist area (partly only for working groups and employees): 

- Groupware of the department (Open-Xchange)

- File server

- VPN server

- Firewall

- Web Server Support

- Network support

- System & Security Consulting

To Biopool IT Services

FB15 Kontakt Dekanat Biowissenschaften

General information about studies

You will find the appropriate contact persons and information on the individual study programmes on the respective pages!