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The Faculty of Biological Sciences consists of the Institutes of Ecology, Evolution and Diversity (Institute 1), Cell Biology and Neuroscience (Institute 2), Molecular Biological Sciences (Institute 3) and the Department of Bioscience Education. All in all, there are 38 Professors, which makes it one of the largest biological science faculties in Germany.
Our particular research focus is ecology and biodiversity, cell- and neurobiology. molecular biology and biotechnology.


Against the backdrop of the University's diverse research landscape, students at the Goethe University find optimum preconditions for research-oriented study programmes. Thus, in addition to the theoretical courses, many laboratory courses and offerings for theses on current research topics can be realized; the latter are outstanding preparation for a professional or scientific career.

We participate in various bachelor's and master's study programmes as well as in the training of prospective teachers.

In addition, the faculty provides the opportunity to participate in a PhD programme. You will find Information about the Degree Programms here:

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A particular research focus at the Faculty of Biological Sciences is the exploration of the long- and short-term adaptation of organisms to their environment. This research focuses on the entire spectrum of biodiversity, from microbes up to higher eukaryotes. In this context, the faculty profits from its continuation of the long Frankfurt tradition in organismic and molecular biology. In 2008, the success of the biodiversity research became evident in the establishment of the Centre for Biodiversity and Climate Research (BiK-F) at the university.

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Together with the Foundation of the Polytechnical Society, the Goethe University additionally funds the Institute for Apiology in Oberursel. In addition, the Johann Christian Senckenberg University Library supports work in the faculty with special offerings. They range from current specialist literature to special subject collections up to the virtual specialised library for biology ( and thus promote both research and scientific learning on extremely high levels.


In order to be able to perform outstanding research, the Biological Faculty has state-of-the-art equipment. The laboratories in the Biologicum as well as the Biocentre on the Riedberg Campus are provided with top quality equipment and furnishings. Scientific gardens, greenhouses and climatic chambers as well as an animal facility complete the underlying conditions for good research and teaching.

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The department has a range of service facilities, such as the science garden, workshops, electron microscopy, graphics.

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