Some advice from the campuses of Goethe University

Practical Advice: Organising your Studies in your Particular Subject

Distances on Campus

Since the individual institutions and departments of the university are located on different, distant campuses, it is likely that you will have to change campuses during your day at university. Please consider the time it will take you to get from one location to another other when planning your schedule, especially if a change in location is a time-consuming challenge for you, e.g. due to a mobility impairment. The counsellors for students with chronic health impairments and disabilities will assist you with any questions and help you find viable solutions. 

Laboratory Work and Accessibility

Laboratory work is an essential part of the curriculum for many subjects, especially the natural sciences. This may pose additional difficulties for persons with health impairments. At present, most of Goethe University's laboratories do not yet comply with accessibility standards: in particular, users with mobility impairments are likely to encounter barriers. This state of affairs is admittedly far from the standards we aspire to.

If you have any accessibility requirements of this kind, please contact the counsellors for students with chronic health impairments and disabilities or the person in charge of your course of studies as soon as possible.  The university will try to arrange matters for you within the scope of its powers and practical possibilities.

In the past, a range of individual solutions has been found in close cooperation with the students concerned, allowing them to work in the laboratories regardless of their impairments.

Working-Space for Students with (Visual) Impairments

Goethe University provides one specialised working space for students with (visual) impairments and disabilities. It is located within the BSP library (Social Sciences and Psychology) in the PEG Building. Its equipment includes special tools for visually impaired and blind persons, e.g. a special desktop computer equipped with the required software according to current German standards and a magnifying device. 

This room may be used by persons with health impairments/disabilities and their assistants without prior notice. To access the working space, simply ask to be admitted at the reception desk in the BSP Library.

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