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Entering University: Details for prospective students with health issues

A Good Start: Information on Application and Admission

You're living with a health issue and consider taking up your studies at Goethe University? Above all: Welcome to our Goethe community

Even if your decisions concerning the start of your studies should be guided by similar criteria whether you are living with an impairment or not, and many of the rules on university entrance are the same – there usually are some special points to consider with regard to your situation. Goethe University would like to contribute its fair share and do its best to support you as you pursue your personal plans.

Whenever the hints and advice on the following pages is not detailed enough, please do not hesitate to contact our specialised study advisory service for students with health impairments and disabilities. It might be a good idea to do so even before you begin your studies or while you are making plans for your time as a student. International students might also want to contact the International Office for additional support.

  • Under the heading Choice of Subject, we bring up a number of possible considerations to help you include health-related aspects into your decision for a future subject of study – although your choice should of course be guided primarily by your talents, goals and interests. 
  • You will find some (disability-related) details concerning the procedures of application and admission to university with regard to the situation of candidates with health issues. Your situation of health may have a role to play here, but probably a minor one.
  • To encourage you to make Goethe University Frankfurt your location of study,  the section Living in Frankfurt provides you with some basic information on local facilities and questions of accessibility. 


Advice and Support for Students with Health Issues
Beratung für Studierende mit Beeinträchtigung

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