Orientation and Persons to Contact

For Lecturers and Faculty Members

  • Basic information on inclusion and disability with regard to Goethe University may be found in the Guideline for Lecturers: Lehrendenleitfaden - Studienwege finden - Barrieren überwinden (English available).
  • Specific advice on accessible teaching in digital formats is available in this flyer or (currently) also on this website supporting virtual teaching during the Summer Term 2020 (all in German).
  • Information and practical training on various aspects of digital accessibility is available with IKH (mostly in German).
  • Information and practical training on various aspects of digital accessibility is available with studiumdigitale (mostly in German).
  • If you are comfortable with digital learning formats in German try Informationsformat Lehren ohne Barrieren. It includes details on accessible digital documents, accessible teaching and the local conditions for students in Frankfurt am Main. This publication was produced by studiumdigitale in the course of the Project Di³ . 
  • For further questions and concerns, please contact the Inklusionsbeauftragten der Universität (Repressentatives for Inclusion at Goethe-University) and their team.  

Support for your work

For Staff Members

  • The Inklusionsbeauftragte(n) are the university‘s official representatives addressing the questions, issues and needs of persons with health impairments and disabilities working at the university.
  • Persons with health impairments or disabilities working at the university may also approach the Schwerbehindertenvertretung ("Representative [Body] for Severely Disabled Employees"). This is the elected body representing the interests of this group from an employee‘s perspective. Likewise, the Personalrat (Staff Committee) will attend to your concerns.

New members welcome on the team: With and without disabilities

Applicants, New Employees and Recently Appointed Professors -- and Disability

Goethe University is looking forward to seeing its teams enhanced by new members with and without disabilities. For future employees/applicants, members of selection/appointment committees, heads of teams or departments, including professors, our handouts provide useful information and guidance on the topic: “New team members at Goethe University and disability-related issues”.

Inclusion is a Process...

This page and its English version is still under construction and growing steadily. If you have any additions or suggestions, please let us know. 

The Representative for Inclusion



Beauftragte für Studierende mit Behinderungen / chron. Erkrankungen 

Petra Buchberger

Tel: 069/-18282
E-Mail: Buchberger@rz.uni-frankfurt.de