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Health impairments: Coping on Campus

Relaxation and First Aid Rooms at Goethe University

Goethe University’s campuses provide rooms of different kinds where people with health impairments, assistance or treatment needs may find the opportunity to rest or retreat and take some time off from academic activities. If you feel the need to visit such a space, you are very welcome to use one of these opportunities.

For further details, please contact Goethe University’s Inclusion Team (see also marginal column for names and addresses).

For people with disabilities and chronic health issues

Relaxation Rooms

Campus Westend

  • In IG-Farben-House (formerly known asPoelzig-Bau) you will find a Relaxation Room in V3, 1st floor (1. OG), Room 1.351. Access to this room is provided by one of our our First Aiders, or via the reception desk, phone: -32250 or the building's facility managers, phone  -35552. 
  • In the PEG Building, you will find the relaxation room on the first floor (1. OG), Room 1.G059. You will have to apply for access to this room. Please turn to our specialsed study advisors for further information. 
  • In the SKW Building, Part A, there is a relaxation room, Room 01A.106. You will have to apply for access to this room. Please turn to our specialsed study advisors for further information. 

These Rooms generally provide an adjustable nursing bed (motor-powered) and a phone for internal and emergency calls.

Campus Bockenheim

In the Neue Mensa (New Mensa), Campus Bockenheim, Bockenheimer Landstraße 133, Kerngebiet, 1st floor (1.OG),  Room 135) there is a Relaxation Room for Students, Faculty and Staff with disability-related or chronical health issues. The Room provides two stretchers (Liege/n). You can call the reception desk at -23201.

For medical Assistance / Further relaxation rooms and retreat opportunities 

First Aid (and Relaxation) Rooms

Access to these rooms is provided by our First Aiders or the Reception Desk Staff for the individual buildings. Lists of First Aiders are available in prominent places, usually close to the entrance.  The internal phone numbers for the reception desks are listed with the individual rooms below. 

In the First AId Rooms, you will find simple stretchers, a telephone for internal and emergency calls, first-aid equipment etc. (and in some cases a wash basin) at your disposal. 

Campus Westend

  • Casino: Room CAS 1.803, Telephone Reception: -32250 
  • RuW: Room 215, Tel. Reception: -34199 
  • HoF (House of Finance): Room E 16, Tel. Reception: -34053 
  • Hörsaalzentrum: Room EG 8, Tel. Reception: -34116 
  • PA-Gebäude: Room P 23, Tel. Reception: -31205 
  • PEG-Gebäude: Room 1.G058, Tel. Reception: -17108 
  • ExNO-Gebäude: (H. Normative Orders) Room behind Reception Desk, Tel. Reception: -31428
  • Seminarpavillon: Room 043, Tel. Reception: -34193 
  • Seminarhaus: Room -1.026, Tel. Reception: -34196

Campus Riedberg

  • Physik: Room_.225, Tel. Reception -47777
  • Geowissenschaften: Room 3.110, Tel. Reception: -40150
  • Otto-Stern-Zentrum: Room 0.39, Tel. Reception -42666
  • Biologicum: Room-1.204, Tel. Reception -42420
  • BMLS: Room 0.618, Tel. Reception: -42420
  • Biozentrum: N 100 Room 0.24b, Tel. Reception: -29108

Campus Ginnheim

  • Sporthallengebäude (Sports Hall Building): Room EG R 27, Tel. Reception: 24520

Campus Bockenheim

  • Hörsaalgebäude: Room BT D 112/ 113, Tel. Reception: -23201
  • Neue Mensa: Room 2, Tel. Reception: -28194
  • Juridicum: Room 601, Tel. Reception: -22701
  • Mathematik/ Informatik: Room 029, Tel. Reception -23201
  • Universitätsbibliothek (Library): Room UG 024, Tel. Reception: -3935

On working spaces and All Gender Toilets 

Other Rooms you might Need


Advice and Support for Students with Health Issues
Beratung für Studierende mit Beeinträchtigung

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Please note

Internal Phone Numbers

To reach the internal phone numbers mentioned here via your normal German phone, please dial: 069 798
the 5 digits of the internal number indicated on this page