Barrierearme Wege durch die Universitätsstadt Frankfurt

Living in Frankfurt – Barriers? Freedom! 

As a modern metropolis, Frankfurt am Main has much to offer. In many respects, the city attempts to make its cityscape and its opportunities and assets accessible to persons with health issues or disabilities.
Below, we provide some key points of orientation to help you get along in Frankfurt easily and make it easier for you to choose to study in Frankfurt. 

Finding Local Information

  • The city of Frankfurt has established a Stabsstelle Inklusion (Staff Unit Inclusion, German website), located with the Beauftragter für Menschen mit Behinderungen (Comissoner for the Affairs of Persons with Disabilities). Here, you will find advice and support on local facilities.
  • The (bi-lingual) website collects information on the accessibility of many public places and facilities.
  • On the following sub-page (self help), you can find a selection of groups and organisations where people with disabilities or chronic conditions have joined forces for mutual support

Staying Mobil – Public Transport

Frankfurt am Main has a well-developed and complex public transport system that is successively being made more and more accessible for people with special mobility requirements.
  • Frankfurt provides a range of subway and tram lines, urban trains and omnibusses. In addition, there are taxis and specialised transportation services for people with disabilities. Due to the range of options available, people with special mobility requirements are likely to find a form of transportation that enables them to go where they want, when they want.
  • The transport operator VGF offers a mobility assistance service for travelers with limited mobility.
  • RMV offers a search tool for accessible transport routes. The criteria of accessibility may be customised according to your needs.
  • Information on travelling with the assistance of Acesssibility and Mobilty Services across Germany may be obtained from Mobilitätsservicezentrale (Mobility Service Centre) with Deutsche Bahn

Attending to your Health – Medical Care and Support

Frankfurt am Main has a limited range of medical practices that meet various accessibility criteria to some extent. However, the situation varies widely according to district and the medical specialisation required, especially if specialist services are needed.

Inform yourself about the local medical system using the details provided by International Office.

The Representative for Inclusion 



Beauftragte für Studierende mit Behinderungen / chron. Erkrankungen 

Petra Buchberger

Tel: 069/-18282

Beyond the local perspective

Find information on international mobility for students with health issues/ disabilities on Inclusive Mobility.