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Financial and other support/ Career ideas for students with health issues 

Perspectives – Paths – Ideas: ...With(out) Impairments ?!

What are the prospects for people with disabilities who study (or studied) at a university? What's next – especially if financial problems occur or organising your daily life turns out to be difficult? This page provides a collection of tips and sources to support your reflections on your studies and prospects after graduation.

The organisations mentioned here mainly address a German audience and often do not have an international version of their website. If you need help understanding possible options, our advisors will support you.

Primarily financial support

Specific Grants and Support for Students with certain Conditions and Disabilities

In addition, we advise you to consider the funding programs of the different Begabtenförderungswerke. Their funding policies take health-related needs into account in a variety of ways, depending on the organisation. (A Begabtenförderungswerk is an organisation dedicated to promoting particularly gifted people, Begabte

If you plan your stay abroad, or as an international student with disabilities/ health issues in Germany, consider the international Inclusive Mobility website as a resource in your independent research. 

Funding Addressing Specific Situations and Areas of Interest 

Preparation for Erasmuus+ stays abroad for persons with disabilities 

  •  Dr. Willy Rebelein-Stiftung
    The organisation provides support for persons with disabilities, especially university students, until they graduate or complete their vocational training.
    Dr. Willy Rebelein-Stiftung, Bauvereinstraße 10-12, 90489 Nürnberg
    Telefon: 0911/ 580740 – Fax: 0911/ 5807410 
  • Gisela Sdorra-Stiftung for 'children in need and the disabled' 

The foundation's stated mission is to provide financial support for children in need and people with disabilities, regarding a)  subsistence costs b) /university) education and training c) acquisition of medical equipment and funding for therapies.  Gisela Sdorra-Stiftung, Contact: Herr Karl-Heinz Pitzal 
Goldfinkenweg 43, 14195 Berlin
Telefon: 030/ 89730307 – Fax: 030/ 89730308

And, last but not least: the Deutschlandstipendium at Goethe-University.


Read reports on studying with health issues at Goethe-University on the pages concerning modified conditions (accommodations) in exams. 

...and future avenues?

Career and First Steps for Academics

We gladly add further viable options to this list. Please contact us with comments and suggestions.
The authors offer no guarantees whatsoever with regard to the contents of this list. This specifically implies that the organisations and providers listed have full and exclusive responsibility for their programs and publications.

Your persons to contact

Finding advice

Advice and Support for Students with Health Issues
Beratung für Studierende mit Beeinträchtigung

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The Repressentative for Inclusion 

General Questions


Beauftragte für Studierende mit Behinderungen / chron. Erkrankungen 

Petra Buchberger

Tel: 069/-18282

Multi-national perspectives on what disability is

Disabilities – do they affect me?

What kinds of concerns are addressed? Does this concern me personally? What can be implied by defining something as a disability? Multi-national definitions and practical concerns surrounding the concept of disability.